The Major Arcana (tarot) - Games of Thrones edition


posted 1 year ago

Yunhoballs ——-> whiteboardsandreams

And there’s also the negative side of me and like


go away.

There’s gotta be a way to be positive

posted 1 year ago

Are these even friends?

I am afraid of voicing out my opinion because they’ll might get mad

also, I don’t like being alone you know, as in without friends.

That makes me feel sad.

posted 1 year ago

Why do I even bother

posted 1 year ago

And besides

Why do I have to be the mediator for everything

you have their cellphones

stop asking me to do shit for you that you can perfectly do

posted 1 year ago

I would like to scream so many trues to my friends faces that I don’t even

I mean, I don’t what the fak its happening in their lives when I’m not with them, but do they really have no nitpick on everything that’s around then.

Making a big deal out every tiny little thing.

posted 1 year ago

I am  so draaaaaaaaaaaain




posted 1 year ago